How are you?

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“How are you?” It seemed like a simple enough question. If nothing else, it’s a familiar one. How many times a day do we repeat those three words? To friends, coworkers, even strangers on the street. I knew the easy … Continued

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The TRUE me, part 5: You’ve got this!

This is part 5 of The TRUE me: A new approach to goal setting. While each piece can be enjoyed individually, please check out the earlier parts for a complete picture! It was a beautiful winter morning when I sat down … Continued

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“What’s wrong with that boy?” (Huffington Post piece)

  “Daddy, what’s wrong with that boy?” the little girl asked. I knew she noticed my son Joey, an amazing little boy who just happens to have Down syndrome. He also developed alopecia a few years ago, leaving him with … Continued

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