How setting a timer saved my life – an iMOM post

In theory—you know, before I actually had kids—I was an amazing mom. I would play dress-up and make crafts and always have patience for the messes and mistakes, and my house would always be clean because I would teach my sweet little ones to help me get our work done before we did anything else. It was a beautiful picture.

You can imagine my surprise then, when I found myself at home with an actual toddler and preschooler… and it was hard. I constantly felt pulled in too many directions. If I was doing housework, I felt like I was neglecting my kids, who just wanted to play and snuggle and have my attention. After all, I thought, doesn’t everyone say to enjoy these years before they grow up and leave me behind? But if I stopped working to spend time with them, I quickly felt guilty about the laundry and dishes piling up around me. No matter what I did, I couldn’t win. Why can’t I be a good mom? I needed a way to prioritize and focus before I completely lost my mind. And that’s when I discovered a miraculous invention: a kitchen timer. This housekeeping tip has completely saved my sanity.

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